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  Are you interested in learning how to fund your adoption?

Adoption Financial Planning is becoming more critical for families as revenue sources become more limited and costs are rising.  Families need to prepare for the costs associated with adopting, and EACI is one of the few full Service agency's offering its clients FREE ACCESS to an experienced financial planner and her system. Watch the short video below for more information.

from real families using the
Financial Coaching System

Kelly Ellison’s expertise in fundraising combined with her own experience as an adoptive parent makes her the perfect 'coach' to help us along the road of adoption financing. We feel like we are working not just with someone who is very good at what she does, but someone who understands what we are going through as a family.
Before meeting with Kelly, we had a plan as to how we would finance our adoption, but felt a lot of stress about how it would all finally work out. For us, working with Kelly has given us not only tools to help with our adoption expenses, but also peace of mind. Working with this system has opened doors that we did not even know existed. We are grateful for her help and her heart.

Jarod and Mary McBride

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